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About  Brilliant  Minds  Productions  L.L.C.

Brilliant Minds Productions (B.M.P.) is a company that

continues to offer the best in event enhancement lighting


Whether you’re getting married, hosting an upscale gathering,

or creating a stage production, 


Our aim is to become a household name.

With lighting and special effects,

we help to create the perfect mood for any event!

 Lighting & effects allow you the best visibility and set

the right mood to "wow" your viewing audience.

With B.M.P. you have access to state-of-the-art equipment,

a dedicated crew with over 30 years of production expertise,

and you get that top-notch

customer experience you deserve!

Schedule a consultation.

We will assess your needs and partner with you

to strategize a plan that makes your

future event a memorable experience

to last a lifetime.

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